Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A One Day Project

Although it is not a quilt project, I am one project closer to getting started on those 42 UFO's.  I spent Sunday making a chair pad out of the uniform plaid worn at my daughter's high school.  The chair will be sold at a silent auction dinner.  I had originally been asked to make calls to people asking them to donate contributions for the auction.  However, my very least favorite thing in the world is making "sales" calls!  I shared this with another woman on the committee who had mercy on me and took my call list.  In exchange, she asked me to make a plaid chair pad and decorate a lamp shade in the school colors.  I have yet to finish the lamp, but here is the chair finished in one short afternoon...

Friday, August 20, 2010

Getting Started

Today was the first day all five of my children were in school. The oldest is a senior and my littlest started kindergarten. I am alone at home for the first time in 17 years! I thought it was about time I took the piles off my sewing machine and start tackling some projects. I had a pile of mending that has covered the machine all summer. The sad thing is it only took me 25 minutes to finish all of it! Why had a put it off so long?

Our 3 mo. old kitten, Perwinkle, had to investigate the sewing machine. Afterward, she plopped down next to it for a nap. Cats are the best sewing room buddies. Just don't tell my dog I said that!