Thursday, December 23, 2010

Nana's Basket

The first official class I took at Silver Bella was Nana's Basket taught by Charlotte Lyons.  I have been a fan of Charlotte Lyons for years so I was pretty excited to meet her and take her class.

We were to bring some photographs to use on the basket along with buttons or jewelry to embellish it.  I choose to use photos of my children from Christmas past.  I had no idea what size to print for the photos so I ended up cutting them so they would fit.  The baskets definitely look better when the photo covers the entire section, but still, I think my basket turned out cute enough to hold our Christmas cards this year.  This photo is my oldest son Jake at 10 months old.

This is Maddy's first Christmas with big brother Jake...

Now we move on to Christmas with three children.  Alex is about 18 months old, Maddy is 3 and Jake is 5 years old.  I had dressed them in matching pajamas for the Christmas card photo that year.

This next photo includes our fourth child, Joey, at age 2.  The kids are holding flags, because it was 2001.  My little Pomeranian, India is also in the picture.  Sadly, she is no longer with us.

This last photo has all five children.  Tommy is three years old, Joey is 8, Alex is 10, Maddy is 12 and Jake is 14.

The instructions for this basket can be found in Charlotte Lyons newest book, Between Friends.  Her sample is a spring time basket tied with raffia.  I'm definitely going to make a couple more!


  1. I love your basket! I like how you cut the pictures out and glittered around them. Love how they were holding the flags in 2001???? I loved that Christmas.....

  2. Oh, I didn't realize the instructions were in one of her books! Your basket turned out so cute -- good job! Your kids are amazing, what special memories!

  3. Thanks for the comments! I wasn't so sure about the glitter around the pictures, but overall, it was such a fun project. I hope to make more!

  4. This basket is so adorable. I love how you added the pictures of your children as they came into your life. A great way to take a trip down the memory lane.