Monday, January 10, 2011

Outside my window...the snow is falling.  It is our first snow day for the school year.

I am nice it is to have an unplanned day off.

I am thankful husband, my children and our health.

From the kitchen...we will be baking chocolate chip cookies!

I am wearing...comfortrable jeans and a warm sweater-and the diamond necklace my husband gave me for Christmas.  Oh how he spoils me!

I am creating...Right now I have colorful pillows I am finishing for the basement family room, two prayer shawls that I am crocheting, and completing an ornament project I started in early December.  They will be ready to go next year.  I also have a 3-inch swap project I am working on due the end of January.

I am stay inside and keep warm and cozy with the kids!

I am reading...St. Therese, The Story of a Soul.  It's a beautiful book.

I am get some paperwork organizing caught up this week on my kitchen desk.

I am hearing...the boys in the kitchen drinking hot chocolate after coming in from outside for the third time today.

Around the house...the other children are watching TV, building Legos and just lounging.  They can teach grownups a lot about relaxing properly!
One of my favorite things...A snowy day and the comfort of a warm house with goodies baking in the oven!

A few plans for the rest of the week:  A few weeks ago I made myself a schedule for organizing and spring cleaning.  I hope to complete the first part this week:  desk organization and catching up on filing.

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...a very snowy boy.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Wit, Wire, Whimsy

Back to those Silver Bella projects!  Here is one of my favorites.  It was a class I didn't think I would enjoy as much as I did.  We were to bring some photographs to use to make three painted and collaged wall hangings.  The process for creating this project was so much fun!  I got to completely let go and just let the ideas flow and allow the project to take shape.

Ideally you use vintage photographs but since I didn't really have any, I used school pictures of my husband and I when we were both about age 8.  Then I used a snapshot of us on our wedding day.  I once heard that anything over 25 years can be considered vintage and we both certainly qualify!

Each photo was glued to a board and we then began painting around the pictures leaving whatever parts of the image we wanted to remain exposed.  The next step is to paint accents around the images allowing the feel of the photos to dictate what sort of details we wanted to add.  The final step really makes the artwork come to life.  Using a pencil, we drew lines around the edges of the photographs and around any details we wanted to enhance.  Next, using your finger, you smudge the lines to create an instant shadow that also gives an aged feel.  A wire was then added for hanging.

I couldn't help it, I had to put a heart around us...


I gave myself a little crown...

Now I feel a little guilty about this, but when I looked at my husband as an 8 yr. old, I saw how much our youngest child looks like him-freckles and all.  Our youngest is quite the character, and I am quite sure my husband gave his mother a run for her money too!  So naturally, I saw horns...


Don't you love the big wide collar on his shirt?  My husband took it well when I showed him his horns.

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