Friday, February 18, 2011

Chatelaine with Charlotte Lyons

Here is another Silver Bella project from a class with Charlotte Lyons.  This was the class I was most excited about since I love doing handwork and the Chatelaine necklace looked like so much fun.  We made the little strawberry pincushions and crocheted the "chain."

I had some trouble getting good shots with Periwinkle wanting to get in on the act again.  She loves the chatelaine.  She thinks it's a perfect toy for her.

We took a piece of wool felt, a length of seam binding and a crocheted chain and used a spool of thread to "knot" the necklace.  We then added charms to the ends.  I used a vintage key I've had for some time and a pretty pink button with a rhinestone at it's center.  The biggest surprise of all was when Charlotte announced that we were being given Gingher embroidery scissors to put on our Chatelaines!  I love Ginghers!

During class, I sat next to Amy Powers.  I had NO idea who she was, but she was so nice and shared this sweet little French chair charm with me.  Then she was kind enough to give me her website information.  I know who she is now and LOVE her Inspired Ideas digital magazines!

The final step was to add some button and bead detail to the wool strip.  I haven't quite finished mine yet.

Everyone's supply kit was a little different, but the colors I had in mine go so well with the vintage spool of coral thread I had.  This is such a simple project that can really be personalized, and of course, since it was a Charlotte Lyon's class, it was so much fun!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Fabric Tuesday

I found a link-up party that's right up my alley!  It's Fabric Tuesday hosted by Quiltstory.  The link button is on my sidebar.  I'm hoping they do this every Tuesday so I have incentive to get moving on some projects.  Okay, so I am posting this late, but I did write it on Tuesday.  I just had some trouble getting the link attached.

This is a tote bag I made using fabric from French General's latest line, La Petite Ecole.  The pattern I used is called Twist Bag from The Country Sampler.

 Here is my daughter's kitten, Perry, getting in on the action.  She does this everytime I get out the camera!

 I added some detail to the bag with a bit of red crocheted trim around the top.  I also cut a piece from the selvage of the fabric and used it as a ribbon trim.  The beads are leftover from a necklace class I did with Kari Meng of French General.  The class was held at Silver Bella this past November.  Here is a link to Kari's blog:  The Warp and the Weft.

 I fell in love with the red fabric that has all the little objects labeled in French.  I can't pronounce any of the words, but I love that it's French!  I love the brown and red color combination.  This bag pattern goes together very quickly and it holds so much, especially skiens of yarn for my crochet projects.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy St. Valentine's Day!

It's been a busy Valentine's Day:  housecleaning, then the grocery store, then off to school to help with class parties, home again to start cooking a delicious meal of Coq a Vin and chocolate fondue for dessert!  I really know how to bite off more than I can chew which is one reason I have 42 UFO's!

At least I managed to get everyone to bed and the dishes cleaned up-with help from my valentine so now I can finally post photos from my first ever swap!  One of the lovely ladies I met at Silver Bella hosted a 3-inchy Valentine swap.  There were eight of us participating and we were each to make a 3-inch block with a valentine theme.  I made eight blocks and then sent them off to the hostess.  I waited with much anticipation to get back a package with blocks from the other participants.  It was so exciting when it finally arrived!  This is what was inside...

It was so much fun opening this package and seeing what everyone had created!  Jeanelle Ricca, our swap hostess created this block and also made each of us a canvas book to keep our blocks in.  The book is a work of art in itself and I love the dove in wool felt!

This beautiful crazy quilt block was made by Connie Kalina.  My poor photography skills just aren't doing it justice.

This next block is by Laurie Jackson of Indulge Your Shelf.  She used Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice for her inspiration-my all time favorite book!!  She did a silhouette of Mr. Darcy with his famous words to Miss Elizabeth Bennett, "My affections and wishes are unchanged."  The most recent movie version staring Kiera Knightly was just on this weekend.  Of course, I watched it!

This fun packet of goodies came from Mollie McCabe.  She generously gave us a vintage valentine, colorful seam binding and some vintage book pages that I think are in German!  Her block has some lovely details.

This block is by Lynn of Create...Breathe.  I love the metal embellishment with the XO stamped in!

Lisa Hajda of The True Vine showcased her amazing embroidery talent.  Once again, my lack of photography skills just doesn't capture all the embroidery detail of this block.

Jami Miller of One Lady Arts did a beautiful ribbon weaving technique.

This is my own block:  The Forgotten Valentine.

Here are all the blocks together. 

I can't wait to get them all stitched into the canvas book.  Some of them are already pinned in place.  It will be a fun take along project!
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