Friday, February 18, 2011

Chatelaine with Charlotte Lyons

Here is another Silver Bella project from a class with Charlotte Lyons.  This was the class I was most excited about since I love doing handwork and the Chatelaine necklace looked like so much fun.  We made the little strawberry pincushions and crocheted the "chain."

I had some trouble getting good shots with Periwinkle wanting to get in on the act again.  She loves the chatelaine.  She thinks it's a perfect toy for her.

We took a piece of wool felt, a length of seam binding and a crocheted chain and used a spool of thread to "knot" the necklace.  We then added charms to the ends.  I used a vintage key I've had for some time and a pretty pink button with a rhinestone at it's center.  The biggest surprise of all was when Charlotte announced that we were being given Gingher embroidery scissors to put on our Chatelaines!  I love Ginghers!

During class, I sat next to Amy Powers.  I had NO idea who she was, but she was so nice and shared this sweet little French chair charm with me.  Then she was kind enough to give me her website information.  I know who she is now and LOVE her Inspired Ideas digital magazines!

The final step was to add some button and bead detail to the wool strip.  I haven't quite finished mine yet.

Everyone's supply kit was a little different, but the colors I had in mine go so well with the vintage spool of coral thread I had.  This is such a simple project that can really be personalized, and of course, since it was a Charlotte Lyon's class, it was so much fun!


  1. I love my chatelaine, too! So pretty AND useful!

  2. I loved loved loved this class, and my chatelaine! I sat with some amazing gals, too, during my chatelaine class! Yay! Your cat is SO CUTE!!!!