Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Fabric Tuesday

I found a link-up party that's right up my alley!  It's Fabric Tuesday hosted by Quiltstory.  The link button is on my sidebar.  I'm hoping they do this every Tuesday so I have incentive to get moving on some projects.  Okay, so I am posting this late, but I did write it on Tuesday.  I just had some trouble getting the link attached.

This is a tote bag I made using fabric from French General's latest line, La Petite Ecole.  The pattern I used is called Twist Bag from The Country Sampler.

 Here is my daughter's kitten, Perry, getting in on the action.  She does this everytime I get out the camera!

 I added some detail to the bag with a bit of red crocheted trim around the top.  I also cut a piece from the selvage of the fabric and used it as a ribbon trim.  The beads are leftover from a necklace class I did with Kari Meng of French General.  The class was held at Silver Bella this past November.  Here is a link to Kari's blog:  The Warp and the Weft.

 I fell in love with the red fabric that has all the little objects labeled in French.  I can't pronounce any of the words, but I love that it's French!  I love the brown and red color combination.  This bag pattern goes together very quickly and it holds so much, especially skiens of yarn for my crochet projects.


  1. Love those fabrics! The bag is beautiful!

  2. Oh! I love that red and brown fabric!

  3. I love those details, and the red and brown are great!! Thanks for linking up to Fabric Tuesday! (And YES, we do it every week!! See you Tuesday! )

  4. The fabric is awesome! Very cute bag. I guess this makes 41 projects for you now, huh? I'll go check out that link!