Thursday, March 31, 2011

She Ornament

My final class project for Silver Bella is the sparkly ornament created in a class taught by Beth Quinn.  She had all the supplies we needed in a little kit which included the miniature wire dress form.  The funnest part of the class was coating the wire with glitter.  It got everywhere!

The wings of the She Ornament are made from wire mesh with a bit of gauze and then a teal colored silk leaf glued together.  We stitched on some beads for added texture and then coated the wings in sparkly mica flakes.  Beth and her lovely assistant (whose name I wish I could remember) passed out some books for us to cut out meaningful words.  I chose the word beautiful and then found the word artist.  This isn't meant to be a conceited description of myself.  It represents what I was feeling at the time of the class.  It was the last one for the weekend, and I had met so many amazing women-all of them artists and each one uniquely beautiful.  My own inner artist had been reawakened during the workshop, and I was feeling such joy.  Beautiful Artist captured the essence of my experience at Silver Bella.

I added another book phrase to the She Ornament's skirt along with some sewn on buttons and sparkly beads.  She is a very sparkly ornament and looked lovely on my Christmas tree.  One more mention about Beth's assistant.  I feel so bad for not remembering her name!  She was so sweet to introduce me to author Jenny Doh who was the featured speaker at the closing dinner for the Silver Bella workshop.  I had brought along one of her books hoping to have it signed.  I mentioned this during the She Ornament class, and Beth's assistant remembered and brought Jenny over to meet me and take a picture.

That's me on the right wearing my Chatelaine Necklace made that morning.  Jenny Doh is on the right dressed to kill!  I can hardly wait for registration to open tomorrow!  It's like waiting for tickets to your favorite rock band to go on sale!
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