Friday, April 29, 2011

I Caught the Fever.

I really wasn't that interested in the Royal wedding today.  I had no intention of getting up super early to watch and didn't record it.  However, when I got up and turned on the news this morning, there were the highlights, and I was immediately enchanted.  Since my husband isn't interested in discussing an over-hyped wedding, I have to blog about it!

The first image that got me was when Prince Harry turns around to sneak a peek at Kate as she enters the church.  He turned to Prince William with a big grin and whispered something to him that  made his big brother smile.  I thought it was an endearing moment between two  men who although they are important world figures, are after all, brothers.

Kate did look absolutely beautiful and reminded me of Grace Kelly in her simple, elegant gown.

The scene that brought tears to my eyes might sound strange, but for me it was a live look at something you read about in fairy tales or see in historical movies.  It was the images of the Prince and his new bride being presented to the people of England on the balcony of Buckingham Palace.  The size of the crowd was amazing with everyone cheering and waving flags.  It truly looked like a scene from a movie.  The people of England got to have this amazing, beautiful moment in their history, a moment of national pride that was shared with the entire world.  We need more happy news like this!  I couldn't help tearing up, and was late getting ready for the day since I couldn't put my mascara on until the tearing stopped!

So I'm not going to apologize to anyone who has had enough of all the wedding hype this last week and the nonstop news coverage today.  I'm off to find a Guinness or a Bass Ale so I can toast the happy couple!  Cheers!!

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  1. No apologies necessary! I was bummed out that I was going to be on the road and unable to get up early to watch it (because I wasn't going to sacrifice sleep on a day I had to go to the flea market!) But, when Suzanne and I awoke in our hotel room and were getting ready, we turned on the TV and watched the highlights, and weeped! It was a beautiful day for them!