Thursday, April 28, 2011

Kitchen Valance

Ah, the feeling of finally completing a nagging project!  I don't know why it took me so long to finally finish making valances for two of my kitchen windows.  Once I calculated all the measurements and cut the fabric, it only took me three hours to stitch them up.  Yet I have had the fabric for this project for almost two years!!  If procrastination is a disease, I need to find the cure!

At any rate, the valance for my back door turned out very cute.  It's a striped fabric that is also used as the lining for the valance on the window next to it--I managed to get that one finished months ago.

 This is the valance for the desk window.  It dresses up an otherwise very messy area (I cut the mess out of the picture).  Having the window finally "finished" helps me feel better about the stacks of paper that ususally clutter the desk top.

My next project will be drapes for the living room.  A curtain rod has been hanging there for months, empty.  I have good incentive for getting the drapes done.  My son graduates from high school in a few weeks, and I want the drapes up before his party.  Of course these are things my son doesn't find necessary for throwing a party.  I should probably work on having that sort of attitude.  I could very easily torture my family with the stress of completing an unrealistic To Do list.  All that really needs to be done is making sure the house is sufficiently clean and providing enough food and places to sit.  Sigh...but it would be so nice to have it ALL done!

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