Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Living Room Drapes for Fabric Tuesday

A few days ago, the sound of the angels singing an Allelujah chorus could be heard throughout my house, or maybe it was just throughout my head.  Anyway, it was certainly a cause for celebration when a long procrastinated project was finally completed!  You can see my new living room drapes in the photograph above. They were supposed to be finished in time for my oldest son's graduation party on May 22nd.  That certainly didn't happen! 

The fabric and coordinating trim were chosen and ordered about 18 months ago. The problem was I procrastinated having to come up with my own measurements when I realized the very easy pattern suggestions weren't going to work exactly for my windows. Once I did get started, the drapery panels went together very quickly. There was a bit of hand sewing detail work that I managed to finish while sitting on the front porch watching my 6 year old ride his bike. Why did I wait so long?! 

The fringe detail at the top matches the fringe used on pillows in the connecting family room.  The pattern I used is from Pate-Meadows.  They have beautiful window treatment patterns that are fairly easy to follow. 

The fabric is a lovely blue toile from Laura Ashley.

I have one last home dec sewing project and then I will allow myself to get started on my many, many quilting projects!

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Tuesday, June 7, 2011


There is nothing like fresh inspiration to motivate me to get busy, and as a professional procrastinator, I love a deadline!  Fellow blogger Laurie at Indulge Your Shelf had a recent post about a blogging event called Where Bloggers Create.  The sign up and information can be found at My Desert Cottage.  It's an opportunity for people to share photos of their crafting/art studios and the work they do in them.  Now I certainly feel that this may be a bit out of my league, but I'm excited about the challenge to organize my cabinets and of course, finish the valance for the window in my combination laundry/craft room.  I'm also inspired to get busy on all my unfinished quilt projects so I can actually post them.  I've got lots of work to do!