Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Fabric Tuesday Valance

What a feeling to finish the last of my home dec projects!!  This valance for my laundry room really didn't take very long once I got started.  It's just too bad I waited so long to start it!

The window is where my sewing machine sits, and I love that the room has the "finished" feeling a window treatment gives it.

I used three different fabrics for this project and I'm quite happy with how it turned out.  I love to use fabrics with lots of contrast and bright colors.

Visit Quilt Story for lots of projects from other bloggers for Fabric Tuesday.  Next week I intend to have an actual quilt to share!
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Monday, July 25, 2011

Having so much fun!

I've had a great time visiting other bloggers and seeing their creative spaces during Where Bloggers Create.  It's been almost a week, and I think I've only made it through a third of the list!  It's amazing how many visits I have had to my own little blog and I so appreciate all the lovely comments (you can see my room on the July 14th post).  This whole experience has really inspired me to allow myself to spend more time creating.  Preparing my room to be photographed helped me to complete some procrastinated projects like the valance for the window and reorganizing some of my supplies.  Now that it's done, I have felt a freedom to work on new (and old) projects.

The day after I posted my photos for WBC, I pulled out a project I had started three months ago but hadn't worked on in all that time!  It's my first art journal:

So far only the cover and first page are complete.  It's something completely new for me so I'm taking my time while I mull over the next step.  It's a project from Paper Bella Studio called Windows to My World.  My daughter is making one too.

Saturday morning I didn't have to rush off anywhere, so I pulled out a quilt project that was started two years ago.  There's nothing like sitting at the sewing machine with a cup of coffee on a lazy morning!

This train quilt was supposed to be for my son who is now 6 1/2 years old and a bit too grown up for a crib quilt.  He was mad at me for not finishing it sooner, but then I showed him the quilt top I made for his big brother Jake 12 years ago when HE was 6 years old!  It has trains, cars, planes, tractors; everything little boys love and it's sized for a big boy bed.  That will be my next quilt project when I finish this little train quilt.

I hope you will come back again and check on my progress with all my unfinished projects. 
I'm just getting started!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Where Bloggers Create

It's so exciting to be part of this year's Where Bloggers Create link party!  Thank you to Karen Valentine of My Desert Cottage for hosting!

A tour of my studio (which is actually my laundry room).  Although as far as laundry rooms go, it's pretty awesome!

Two years ago we remodeled our kitchen which included a back hall area and our laundry room.  I wanted to enlarge my laundry room with a small addition behind our garage.  The contractor told us that if we were going to add three feet, we might as well go all the way to the end of the garage.  It wouldn't cost much more and gave me an additional 12 feet of space!

Above is the "business" end of the laundry room.  I kept the area under the counter open so I can slide in a rolling laundry sorter.  The basket in the corner is where I typically place the ironing and mending so I can ignore it for weeks on end.  I do have a washer and two dryers.  We have five children, and the machines are running all the time!

Another awesome feature is a huge laundry chute.  It makes it so much easier to get the kids to comply with the chore of bringing me their dirty laundry.  It took some time for me to adjust to the idea of having my studio in the laundry room, but it has helped me with the "guilt factor."  I feel that I am being productive in the room no matter what I am working on.

 There is a nice big window to look out while I sit at the sewing machine.  I have a view of the trees in the park behind our house.

Next to the sewing machine table is a large cabinet with pull-outs for my fabric stash.

I really, really love books, and I have two cabinets stuffed full of art books, quilt books, and patterns.

I have maybe 20 UFO's crammed into this cabinet.

There are three cabinets that hold miscellaneous sewing supplies, ephemera and other mixed media supplies, and scrapbooking supplies.

In addition to quilting and a bit of mixed media, I also crochet.  I learned when I was 10 years old and still love to sit on the couch on a cold night to work on an afghan.

Here is another view from inside the room where you can see the large cabinet that stores my fabric stash.  An ironing board hangs behind the door.  There was supposed to be an outlet on that wall, but someone messed up during construction and may possibly have buried the wires under the drywall!

I love all the drawer space that allows me to keep things like markers and stampads right at hand.  There are two lazy susan cabinets under the counters.  The one closest to the sink holds cleaning supplies and the one on the opposite side holds things like bottles of glue and paint.

And now for a behind the scenes look:
I worked very hard the last two weeks getting my studio space in shape for this blog event but in all honesty, it never looks this good!  Here is how the room is normally used...

The counters are piled with laundry.  I turned on the under cabinet lights for you to make it look fancier. ;) My mending basket is overflowing next to a pile of beach towels I keep on the counter during the summer-it's just easier to grab and go rather than having the kids trudge up the stairs all wet when they come in!

In addition to sharing the room with the laundry, I also share it with Perry the kitty.  She enjoys watching HGTV while eating her dinner.  We keep her bowl on the counter so the dog doesn't eat it.

I also keep the dog bowls in the laundry room.  Ranger the Australian Shepard declined having his photo taken by his dishes, but Perry always shows up when I get the camera out.  The homely silver trash can had to replace a very pretty painted one, because the dog also loves to eat the lint from the dryer.  He has no discerning taste!  I spared you a photo of where Perry's cat box is normally kept under the knee space.  I moved it for the photo shoot.  Perry was not pleased.

My previous studio was a nice big room in our basement that we had to convert to a bedroom.  No one ever went into that room but me.  The kids knew it was off limits.  It's actually been a bonus to move into the laundry room and have my children feel like they can come in and use the space for their projects.  And of course, every studio needs furry mascots!  Perry and Ranger will usually curl up somewhere on the floor while I am working.  It makes the room feel cozier.

I hope you enjoyed the tour. 
Now that my room is so clean, I'm going to go pull out a project and get to work!