Thursday, May 17, 2012

Artful Gathering: An Amazing Event

My kids are winding down the school year.  My college student is back home (and all his laundry is done!), my 8th grader finishes his classes on Friday, the two younger boys are out on Wednesday, and my daughter has finals next week for her junior year of high school.  I need to hit Costco and Sam's to stock up the freezer and pantry!!  I do look forward to the summer break with it's slightly slower schedule.  This summer I'm doing something a little different...

Mom is going to school!!  I have registered for some online classes with Artful Gathering.

I'm very excited about the classes I have chosen--so far.  They all look so good, but I have to be realistic and not over commit myself.  I chose a drawing class called Hopping into Soft Pastels with Elizabeth Johnson to help me get back into drawing again.  When I was young, I always had a sketch book with me.  Since having children, I have barely scribbled anything!  I love paints but don't have much experience with them so I am also doing Sweet Art with Jodi Ohl.  It looks like it will be big, messy fun!!

Happily, there is also a quilting related class.  There are two sessions of Artful Gathering offered, and I have signed up for both!  I am doing a Crazy Quilted Accessory Case with Pat Winter.  I already ordered the supply kit and can't wait to get my hands on all the silks!  Another class I couldn't resist is Make Every Minute Count with Cat Kerr.  It's a mixed media angel doll that will combine my love of textiles and sewing with assemblage.  This one will really get me out of the box!

All the classes look like so much fun I might just have to sign up for a couple more!


  1. I did Artful Gathering last summer and it was a blast! I know you will love all the classes you will take!

    Happy Day my Sweet Friend!

  2. Thank you for stopping over at my little place, and helping out with the sugar cookies..they beat me up every time. I'll take your advice and we'll see how they roll....Sounds like you have a wonderful summer already evolving...and something new for you wonderful..

  3. Oh I can't wait to hear how you like your classes! I need to go look and maybe sign up for a couple, too! Happy summer to you!