Saturday, July 28, 2012

Crazy Summer and Crazy Quilting

Summer is really flying by for our family.  In a couple weeks, I help my son get moved into his apartment for his second year of school.  Two of my other boys have already started football practice--in the 100 degree heat we've been having!

I had high hopes for a summer filled with art projects--finished art projects!  That seems to be quite a challenge for me.  Still, I've had fun experimenting with some new mediums and taking online classes through Artful Gathering.

Crazy Quilt Bag

One of the classes I took was Patricia Winter's Crazy Quilting 101.  It's been quite a fun class though I haven't gotten very far with my bag.  The photo above doesn't show it, but I do have one row of herringbone stitching completed.  Being a quilter, I've never done crazy quilting before, and it is addicting!  Once you learn the basics, it can be applied to so much.  In fact, it has inspired me for my next swap project coming up in September--you'll have to stay tuned for that one!

Crazy Quilt Accessory Bag
I am also doing the Session II Crazy Quilted Accessory Bag class which builds on what we learned in Session I.  At least I have the front pieced for the second bag.  I'll be working simultaneously on both bags.  Soon, I will add some ribbon embroidery which I've always wanted to try.

Hope you are enjoying your summer!


  1. I love to see the photos in the crazy quilt!!

  2. Your bag is taking on a whole new persona... and looking great... The kit colours are super...I'll look forward to seeing if finished here... Hugs

  3. How wonderful -- I would have really enjoyed that class with Pat Winter, and learning how to make crazy quilts the "right" way (instead of my method...) Your squares are looking awesome!!!

  4. I can't wait to see this finished!