Saturday, July 14, 2012

Blog Party Time!

Welcome to my studio!

Where Bloggers Create is such a fun event!  Last year I met so many lovely people.  Many thanks to Karen Valentine from My Desert Cottage for hosting.  She really knows how to throw a party!

My laundry room studio showing the "fun" side of the room.
I'm cheating just a bit this year...please don't hold it against me.  Some of my photos are from last year--when my studio was clean!  It has been a particularly busy summer with my children's activities.  My high hopes of doing a reorganization of my studio just weren't possible.

The laundry side of my studio.  Yes, there are two dryers. 
I have five children and the machines are always full!
Over the last year, I have managed to complete some projects-I am a perpetual procrastinator.  I've even gone through a bit of a metamorphosis with my blog.  If you visited me last year, I was known as 42 UFOs, a quilting blog that was intended to chronicle completion of my many unfinished quilting projects.

The door to the laundry/studio that also shows my "fabric pantry"
My interests have evolved over the last three years since entering the blog world and taking my first art workshop.  It just seemed like a good time to spread my wings and try a new avenue with my blog so I renamed it:  Snips and Threads.
Inside the "fabric pantry"
I love to quilt and will always make them-I have plenty of unfinished quilt projects to keep me busy for a loooong time!  There are so many different creative pursuits I would like to try and continue experimenting with them.  You can read about some of these things in the posts along the side bar.  I especially love participating in swaps.  It really gets me outside the box and trying new things!
Cabinet that stores some of my vintage trims and laces and supplies-needs organizing help!

Last year I failed to mention that the glass knobs and handles on all my cabinetry are very special to me. They are vintage and most of them came from my father who is currently mostly "retired" from antique dealing. He loves it too much to ever really retire.

One of my favorite tools is the Gingher shears I finally broke down and bought myself a few years ago.  Love them!  The local quilt guild hosts a show each year with a fabulous vendor mall-my favorite part!  One year I bought this fused glass, magnetized pin holder.  I love the colors and that it was handmade by a local glass artist.  I also started using a vintage mini jello mold to hold pins.

These cute vintage planters now hold my vintage spools and a few buttons and other odds-n-ends.

This is part of my inpiration board.  The framed art piece showing a girl with a flower on her head is a piece by Kelly Rae Roberts.  It says "Explorer of truth and beauty."  Love it!  The big pink tissue paper flower was given to me on Mother's Day by my first grader.  Those are the best gifts!  I enlarged this photo so you can read the cartoon with the poor mom crammed into a tiny slot for "me" time.  Can anyone relate? :)

I love my book cabinets.  In fact, I love books almost as much as I love fabric!

Keepin' it real
This is how my studio looks this morning.  I have some piles going on the counters and lots of laundry piles that I will spare you.  It's been a bit of a challenge to juggle a multi-use space since laundry sorting tends to migrate to the studio side.  When I'm trying to get a project finished, supplies tend to find themselves over on the laundry side.  It's also a very public room with the children, my husband and the pets coming in and out.  That just ensures that I'm never lonely!

Ranger, our Australian Shepard with Periwinkle the kitty lying in her favorite spot by the sewing machine.
I'm so glad you stopped by for a visit.
Please come back again to see what I'm up to next!


  1. Great space! Lots of room to move around in, love it!

  2. Well that's like killing two birds with one stone -- crafting and doing laundry at the same time. Ha! I only have two kids and am washing at least a load a day -- I can't imagine how much you must have to take care of. It's nice to have a space for creating and storing all those supplies, no matter where it may be. Have a fabulous weekend. Tammy

  3. So happy you found something you made in my studio. I hope lots of my blogging friends do find some of the things they have made. I love all your cabinet space and the glass handles. What a lucky girl you are. My Washroom has lots of cupboards and drawers and that is where I actually sew! Hugs to you

  4. WOW!! I love the cabinets!!! WIth 5 is a wonder you get any art done :):) Thanks for coming to my blog!!! hugs

  5. So much cabinetry! How wonderful!

  6. Wow, what a nice place.... and best of all you are never alone! I am amazed at all the crafters/artists that have cats and dogs who keep them company! Too cute!

  7. Your creative space is so pretty, I love all the cabinets. I love that even amid a busy family life you have carved out a space to pursue your passion. Thank you for sharing.

  8. Hi Tamatha, I remember this studio from last year. I was impressed with the whole feel of it then and now too. Can you send me a link for that fused glass pin holder? My sister is a quilter and it would be a unique gift I could give her.
    I am glad you have enjoyed the Bunny class for Artful Gathering. I hope you are able to get back to it soon and have fun with it. By the way, did you watch the raffle prize video yet? It is on our discussion pages.
    Thank you for visiting my studio today.

  9. Hi Tamatha, thanks for stopping by My Creative Space, I'm over creating at the AG too. I see you participate in Sandra Kaye's Quiltie Swap, I have been in everyone. Great fun, I'm sure I will see more of you and takeover the whole house sweetie if you can, after your children grow up they seem to return, lol I finally gave up and grabbed the family room! I raised 4 and my hat's off to you as a busy and creative Mom! Hugs Marilou

  10. Gosh even your keeping it real photo looked great to me!! Great space for creating ! I love my scissors too- I think they are exactly like yours.
    Would love for you to come see my new little space when you have time!

    Bee blessed

  11. Everything is so gorgeous Tamatha ~ what a beautiful supply of material you have (I'm a pushover for fabric) and your inspiration board is fabulous! So happy you shared this gorgeous setup with us! Now we just need to get you a theme to match all that beauty and inspiration! *winks*

  12. Thanks for sharing.....this is the first year I'm going through the it's all new to me....!

    I must say that those darling glass drawer pulls are terrific. What a precious treasure, I would love to find a set like that. sooooo pretty.

    You keep your workspace so neat and tidy...and I just love that. I can't think in any other kind of space.
    Feel free to visit with I said, it's my first year to participate and enter the blog hop!

    ciao bella
    creative carmelina

  13. Ah, yes, I remember stopping by here last year. I thought it was completely ingenious to have your space near the washer and dryer, and in a common room where everyone comes to see you. That was my world last year. My husband wondered why I always let the kids on my computer when I had stuff to do but I just told him the day would come too quickly when they did not have time to hang out in my room so I was taking what I could get. Alas, the day has come now and I am in my office by myself this year. Thanks so much for sharing again this year. I enjoyed my visit.

  14. I too remember your space fron last year. I love your new blog name. I also started blogging to help me to get some projects completed. After, seeing all of the fun ideas in blogland, I have begun more quilting and tried many new things. I have raised my 6 children so now have a space of my own but did enjoy the days when we shared the dining room table. I love your space!

  15. Gosh I wish I had all those cabinets!! I have open shelves and it looks soooo cluttered! Thanks for sharing your lovely space!! xo Cat

  16. You are so organized, Tamatha! I love all that cabinetry. Great idea to use pretty things as holders for your supplies. I think functional items can be pretty, too. Thanks for the tour!

  17. Looks like you've got a great place to create! I really love your little vintage planters, and those antique drawers handles are way cool!
    Love all your books too! xo

  18. What a great spot! Love all the cabinets and being close to laundry (can't always hear when mine is done where my creative spot is). Thank you for sharing. ; )

  19. Oh, so pretty with the white cabinet and the glass handles. Your room looks perfect. So organized. The stitcher in me loves your stacks of fabric. Under cabinet lighting is so smart too. Thanks for popping by, Keep smiling and creating

  20. Wow, your studio looks so professional and everything! Love your doggie, Ranger. Thanks so much for visiting my blog. I am running late, because my German Shepherd (shown on my porch) became very ill on Saturday and has been in the vet hospital ever since with hemolytic anemia, he has had 1 blood transfusion so far and is on high-dose Prednisone, Immuran and vincristine. I am tentatively hopeful today. So please send good thoughts to Marley D.
    I love your blog background too! Linda

  21. Your studio is fabulous ..

    It looks so very organized ...Mine is always a mess( ha ha)...Those vintage drawer knobs are very special indeed..I've never seen any like it!!!! Lucky you ... Books, books,books ...The more the happier I am too...Just can't find all the space to shelve them except above doors and in little nooks ( Ha Ha)... I'm in the throws of renovating so I'm love viewing everyones studios...Thank You for sharing your creative ideas and space....Hugs

  22. Hi Tamantha!!Your studio is awesome! I love all those cabinets!! Thank you so much for sharing it with all of us and joining the party gain! I don't mind that a few pics are from last year, it was great then too!!!

  23. I am an empty nester . I remember having a studio next to the dryer and being a full time mom .i loved it ! You have amazing lighting I is a very inviting space . I would be motivated to work on my art projects and
    Keep an eye out for my little ones too . You are very blessed

  24. What an awesome room.... I wish I had something so great. Lots of light and SPACE. Right now I"m working on the kitchen table. Well, I actually USUALLY end up working on my kitchen table. :-)

    I just saw the exact piece of McCoy pottery on Mockingbird Hill Cottage's blog. :-) I have never seen it before and now twice in a couple of days.

    Love your blog. I'll be back.


  25. You have a beautiful space and a great sense of style. Those GORGEOUS drawer pulls are really a prize. I also liked the pin holder you got made the local artisan. I like all sorts of crafts as well and am an avid reader and lover of books. I wish I had a stash of fabrics as nice as yours!! I happened to notice your Catholic Mothers Online button as I came to comment, I am a Catholic, though unfortunately not a mom, but I would love to learn more about it, I will click on it.

    Thanks so much for sharing your space with us all. I plan to follow your blog from now on and try to keep up with what you have going on.

    Hugs and prayers,

  26. Oh look at that kitty! Adorable! I am still, evermore jealous of your studio space -- it's lovely!