Friday, October 19, 2012

Handmade U Workshop

The very cute decorations in our classroom
It's about time I start sharing my photos from Handmade U last month!  If you aren't familiar with Handmade U, it's hosted by Rachel of Rach-ology.  There have been three Handmade U semesters hosted in the Omaha, Nebraska area.

The fun started on a Thursday evening with dinner, Make and Takes, and swaps. 

Michelle Gellar of Hold Dear taught us how to make a very cute little accordion-fold album.  Shelley of Honey Lamb and I taught us to make "hexies" using a fusible applique method.  We made little flowers, and I fused mine to wool felt that I plan to use as a pin. 
My name tag and "Pixie Dust"
Friday morning we arrived to our classroom decorated with paper streamers and large letters spelling out Handmade U.  Each student had her own table with a name tag made from a vintage spool and a mini salt shaker filled with glitter courtesy of Covered in Glitter.  It's so cute!

Our first class, a Parlour Journal of Thoughts and Musings was taught by the fabulous Hope Kearney Wallace of Besottment.  We were given these lovely packets sewn from vintage wallpaper that contained all the materials needed to complete our journals.  Once I finished getting my journal assembled, it fit perfectly back in the packet.  It's probably where I will store it for safe keeping.

My very messy workspace!

I learned some great  new techniques with this journal project.  I also loved the journal prompts Hope gave us.  I had trouble at first getting into it, but once I got the ideas flowing, it really opened up some new self-discoveries.

One of my inside pages
Here is the cover which is still a work in progress.  Hope's blog has photos of the work other participants did--great inspiration!

Almost finished!  My lady's skirt opens to reveal another page element.
Saturday's class was taught by another fun teacher Liesel Lund.  The class was called Enchanted Hours: Celebrating the Magic of Children's Books.  We were to bring two vintage children's books which we then- gasp -deconstructed!  I love books and have a little trouble pulling them apart, but it does give new life to books that are maybe beginning to fall apart.  It also made for an amazingly fun project! 
A very grainy Instagram pic of Liesel Lund
Using exacto knives, we cut the front and back covers off then pulled the pages apart.  We then rebuilt the books using pages from each book and adding vintage music sheets, newspaper, colored scrapbook papers, and even envelopes.  I still have lots of work to do on mine, but here are few photos of what I did during the workshop.
Inside front cover

The back page showing a page from a second deconstructed book
I loved seeing what the other ladies used for their books. We had everything from cute children's books to Christmas books to children's chapter books. It gave me great ideas for so many new projects!  Liesel has a great post featuring work from other participants on her blog Adventures in Pretty

Completed Cover...or maybe it needs more glitter...

Handmade U was such a fun workshop! Rachel and Michelle went above and beyond in having extra supplies to borrow or use. The teachers were fabulous, and it was so good to reconnect with ladies I had previously met and to meet new art friends. 
Going through the pictures again for this post has me a little sad and wishing for another workshop.  So maybe it's a good thing I still have work to do in my journals.  I can keep the fun extended! 
Our amazing teachers!!  Shellie, Michelle, Hope, Rachel, and Liesel

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  1. OH, it looks like it was so much fun! I love love love all that paper art, and the whole deconstructed children's book idea is intriguing! I hope you get to work some more on your projects soon! You DEFINITELY had a great group of women there!