Thursday, January 3, 2013

Artful Gathering 2013 and Handmade U

So tonight I was going to do a post about my first needle felting project.  For some reason Blogger isn't letting me upload photos from my computer!  What's up with that?!  So instead, I'll tell you about the next Artful Gathering online art retreat coming this summer and hosted by Christina Zinnia Gallaher.  Registration has already opened.  I did some classes last summer and really enjoyed the format--though naturally I have yet to finish the projects!

The classes included everything from fiber art to drawing to jewelry and metal working.  The instructors were fabulous and I even became "friends" with some of them.  Now I got pretty carried away last summer with the classes and bit off waaaaay more than I could chew!  This summer I'll be careful with what I choose so I can really devote myself to the project and completing them on time.  It's also more fun to participate in discussions with other participants if you are keeping up.

Handmade U is the next workshop I am so excited about!  It will be April 4-6th in Omaha, Nebraska.  This will be the fourth semester for Handmade U, and I was able to participate last semester.  It was so much fun, and I finally met some local crafting ladies!  Here we are at the last workshop...

This time the workshop will be held in downtown Omaha.  It will be a great location for visiting local shops and fun restaurants in the historic Old Market area.  Registration is open and the classes look like they will be fabulous!!


  1. Oh no, the evil Blogger photo problem has hit you, too! I hope it gets fixed, soon. What a fun year you have lined up! I hope you will make time for Bird Song, too!

  2. So glad you are coming again to Handmade U! Loved having you at the Fall Semester!!