Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year Blogland!
Tonight I've been reading other blogs and the resolutions and goals others are setting.  Making a list of resolutions sometimes scares me.  What if I don't accomplish it? It will just go on my long list of unfinished projects!  Yet despite the fear of failure, I can't help that desire to renew and reassess, and I'm itching to do some major cleaning and organizing!
The studio in a total disaster while working on multiple projects!
One goal I have for sure is to blog more!  I've had some trouble keeping up with it, and that makes me sad.  My little blog is such a good outlet for sharing my love of creativity!  So I'm planning to post more often.  In fact, I found a website, Creative Girl Media, with blog post planners you can download.  It will help me to remember ideas that come up if I write down.
Pam Garrison shared some workbook links on her post today for helping to plan goals for the year.  The one I printed off from Susannah Conway encourages you to get out your favorite colorful pens!  I can see it turning into a fun art journal prompt.  Hmmm, another potential project... :)
I hope you have enjoyed your holidays.  Thank you to everyone who has followed my blog, stopped by for visits and left encouraging comments.  It means so much to me! 

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  1. Ooh, thank you for those links! I am excited to sit down with my pens!