Saturday, January 12, 2013

My First Needle Felt Project

Homespun Needle Felted Santa Ornament
I've been trying to get this posted for days now!  First, I was halfway through when kitty Perry decided she needed to cuddle. 

 One paw on the keyboard---and my post was GONE!!!
Naughty kitty!
Then I started having trouble getting photos to load on Blogger.  It's obviously a common problem for lots of people right now since I found it discussed on another blog with this great tip.  Write your post in "compose" mode then switch to HTML to upload photos.  It takes a lot longer, but at least you can get your photos uploaded until Blogger fixes this issue for us!
My Santa getting ready to have his face put on his body.
I've wanted to try needle felting for a long time.  My chance came in an online class through Roses on My Table.  The instructor was Judy Johnson who does amazing work!
My husband happened to walk up after I put the face on the body. "What the heck is that?!"  Santa did look pretty weird with no clothes on and just a face poking through the wool.
This class made it easy for me to gather all my materials and sit at the desk while watching the videos and working since you don't need a large work area.  I could pause the videos or rewind as needed with each step.
Santa looks much better with his suit on!  The felting process is very relaxing--as long as you keep your fingers out of the way!  The needles are barbed and it really stings if you poke yourself-trust me!
It amazed me how quickly you can transform the wool pieces into a part of the project.  It didn't take a very big piece of white wool to make a little white boot trim.  You just keep poking the felting needle in until you have it where you want.
Santa is all finished and ready for the Christmas tree!


  1. He is very cute! I have never tried needlefelting myself. 'Laughing at the cat story...the last time I had a problem with my laptop it was because my Lab touched her big wet nose to it and shocked it! LOL! 'Gotta love'em.

  2. Your Santa is awesome! You are quite a crafter! I know a way to eliminate the problem of uploading photos in blogger. Switch to Google Chrome as your browser. Simply "google" google chrome, and upload it. It works great!