Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy St. Valentine's Day!

I know, the day is almost over, but I really wanted to post something on Valentine's Day!
My Valentine and I went to lunch this afternoon while the kids were at school.  It's easier than trying to go out on a school night!  I think lots of other people had the same idea since there were mostly couples in the restaurant.
I found a pair of postcards at the antique store a few months ago that are very intriguing.  The one above is to a Miss Kathrine in Cicero, Illinois and says "Am still waiting for that letter.  Well it serves me right.  From, Jack."  It's postmarked from the World's Exposition in 1915 in San Francisco.
This card is definitly more straight foward!  It's also from Jack to Kathrin but with no message on the back.  Jack must have felt the message on the front was enough!  I can't help wondering if they ended up together.  The first card has faded corner marks from being in a photo album.  I like to think Jack stopped sending cards and finally proposed to Kathrin.
Even if your day wasn't as romantic as Jack's postcards to Kathrin, I hope it was still filled with love!

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  1. How fun -- I love imagining what happened when you find those personal pieces of history!