Thursday, March 14, 2013

In Honor of "Pie Day" 3.14

It's National Pie Day!
However, I don't feel like doing math problems. 
I'm also on a perpetual diet so no baking today either.
My attempt at an artsy looking photo shoot.  Need photography lessons badly!
Doesn't quilting sound like more fun?
These are the first four blocks of a Pies & Tarts quilt that I am making.  It's an English paper piecing pattern from Sue Daley.
There is a lot of hand applique for this quilt, and it makes a great take-along project.  My four little blocks already represent hours of sitting in the carpool line and waiting at practices.
You can see the color contrast so much better in this photo!
Here the four pie blocks are joined together and then a smaller "tart" is appliqued in the center seam.  There are 100 pies in this quilt, and I only need to make 96 more!