Friday, April 5, 2013

Handmade U and Paint-Stained Fingers

Oh what a fun day I had!

The front of my cover in progress--we finger painted!!

Today was the first day of classes for the fourth semester of Handmade U hosted by Rachel McGough of Rachology.
Our class today was The Doodleicious Tapebound Journal taught by the very entertaining Dawn DeVries Sokol.
Her latest book is Art Doodle Love, and can you believe, we each got a copy in our goodie bag?!?!  I really love this book and can't wait to start reading it.
Our journals lined up on the table--they are so filled with fun that the covers won't close!
In this class, we used recycled cereal boxes to create a journal cover.  We glued bits of collage papers and textural elements to the front and then had a great time finger painting!  One great tip we learned, if you are going to mix colors, work with all cool colors or all warm colors first.  Let those dry then move to the other color group.  It prevents a "muddy" look.
Instagram makes everything look awesome!
When we were satisfied with our covers, Dawn taught us how to use masking tapes and washi tapes to attach pages on the inside.  We used all kinds of papers and left over chip board boxes.  Some of these pages had also been finger painted.  I will probably have paint under my nails for days, but it was the best fun!!
We lined up the books to get a better shot of the covers.
Don't you love the yummy colors?  It was fun to see how everyone interpreted their project and the colors they chose.  I went with bright pink and orange.  I do love these colors but don't often work with them since they aren't "safe."  Blending a little white in calmed it down just a bit.  I forgot to snap a quick photo of my journal progress so far.  I just couldn't wait to write a post!
Super blurry pic of our teachers and staff:  Camille McClelland, Rachel McGough, Dawn Sokol, Michelle Gellar.
Tomorrow's class, Introduction to Leather Whispering will be taught by the lovely Camille McClelland.  Doesn't that sound like a fun class?  Oh how I wanted to try my hand at working with leather!  Instead, I will be taking my 8 yr. old to his first soccer game of the season and then heading out to my 15 yr. old's trap shooting competition.  Spring is here and my kids have lots of activities going on!
Next weekend my daughter has her senior prom.  My only daughter is graduating this spring!  *sniffle*  Also next weekend is my 8 yr. old's First Communion.  Lots of activities, but mom intends to get some crafting in here and there!
Happy spring now that it's finally here!!