Thursday, July 11, 2013

Where Bloggers Creat 2013

My Laundry/Craft room
 This is my third year participating in Where Bloggers Create.  I am so grateful to Karen for hosting this event each year.  I've "met" lots of lovely people and found lots of fun blogs to follow.

The Sewing Desk with a view
 If you have been here before, the room is much the same, except that it is never this clean!
 My studio is also the laundry room we remodeled four years ago.  We were able to add on space so I could also have a creative space.  It's worked out well, and I like having my studio so close to the kitchen.

The laundry side of the room
We have five children so part of the remodel was to include an extra dryer.  The machines are front-loading so that I can have a folding counter above.  It's also useful when I need to spread things out for a project.

 This large cabinet holds my fabric stash.

Every quilter needs to have her fabric stash!

The desk drawer in the knee space for keeping supplies handy.
I love books, and my cabinets let me stash away patterns and idea books.
More drawers of supplies

Some of my favorite things are my Gingher shears and this magnetic fused glass pin holder made by a local artist.  There is a small magnet on the underside of the dish that helps pins and needles stay put.  I also use an old miniature Jello mold for holding pins.

These vintage glass drawer pulls came from my Dad.  He used to sell antiques and helped me collect them.

I will admit I have recycled from photos from last year.  I had too!  There was no way to get my room in shape for this!

I decided to open all the neat and tidy cabinet doors to show how I store things.  One of my favorite cabinets is in the lower left.  It has a lazy susan where I store glues, paint and markers.

On the counter I still have my projects from Birdsong III in June at Karla's Cottage.  That was a fun weekend!

 I've added this photo to show proof of how the room normally looks. This was right after working on some swap projects.  I usually have things stacked on the counters and draped over the chair.  But a messy studio is the sign of a crafter having a great time!

I also share the room with two furry companions.  This is Ranger the Australian Shepherd.

This is my daughter's cat Perry.  She spends a lot of time in the studio with me--probably because we keep her dish up on the counter where the dog can't get to it!

Thank you for coming to visit! 
I hope you will come back again soon!