Thursday, July 11, 2013

Where Bloggers Creat 2013

My Laundry/Craft room
 This is my third year participating in Where Bloggers Create.  I am so grateful to Karen for hosting this event each year.  I've "met" lots of lovely people and found lots of fun blogs to follow.

The Sewing Desk with a view
 If you have been here before, the room is much the same, except that it is never this clean!
 My studio is also the laundry room we remodeled four years ago.  We were able to add on space so I could also have a creative space.  It's worked out well, and I like having my studio so close to the kitchen.

The laundry side of the room
We have five children so part of the remodel was to include an extra dryer.  The machines are front-loading so that I can have a folding counter above.  It's also useful when I need to spread things out for a project.

 This large cabinet holds my fabric stash.

Every quilter needs to have her fabric stash!

The desk drawer in the knee space for keeping supplies handy.
I love books, and my cabinets let me stash away patterns and idea books.
More drawers of supplies

Some of my favorite things are my Gingher shears and this magnetic fused glass pin holder made by a local artist.  There is a small magnet on the underside of the dish that helps pins and needles stay put.  I also use an old miniature Jello mold for holding pins.

These vintage glass drawer pulls came from my Dad.  He used to sell antiques and helped me collect them.

I will admit I have recycled from photos from last year.  I had too!  There was no way to get my room in shape for this!

I decided to open all the neat and tidy cabinet doors to show how I store things.  One of my favorite cabinets is in the lower left.  It has a lazy susan where I store glues, paint and markers.

On the counter I still have my projects from Birdsong III in June at Karla's Cottage.  That was a fun weekend!

 I've added this photo to show proof of how the room normally looks. This was right after working on some swap projects.  I usually have things stacked on the counters and draped over the chair.  But a messy studio is the sign of a crafter having a great time!

I also share the room with two furry companions.  This is Ranger the Australian Shepherd.

This is my daughter's cat Perry.  She spends a lot of time in the studio with me--probably because we keep her dish up on the counter where the dog can't get to it!

Thank you for coming to visit! 
I hope you will come back again soon!


  1. Wow, what a great room out of the way and perfect for crafting! That is a pretty impressive laundry room!....3 washing machines or dryers...Wow! I think that would have to make doing laundry a lot more fun!


  2. Wow, that is organized, how nice! And I loved seeing some parts of birdsong in your room.

  3. I'm not sure I'd get my laundry done in your room. I'd rather create ... You've got lots of great storage for all your supplies.
    Have fun playing!

  4. Tamatha, your creative space/laundry room is pretty nice... I was drawn to your glass drawer pulls (very pretty) and I love the lighting under the cabinets. Such a bright, cheery space. Thank you for sharing it with me. :-)

  5. How pretty and neat as a pin! I love the cabinetry and the fabulous lighting too. What a great place to create!

    Cathy ♥

  6. Such a wonderful space you have Tamatha! I am a new follower now, and thanks for visiting my blog too!

    Becky @ Vintage 541

  7. Your creative space certainly is multi-purpose! I love all of your cabinetry and how you've organized your materials, but I especially love your under counter lighting: my craft room gets very little natural light (except first thing in the morning) so I have to use lamps and twinkle lights most of the time... hopping along to visit everyone's craft rooms is certainly inspiring me and making me rethink my own space!

    Michaele (Twigs and Tulle)

  8. I'm just a little jealous of both spaces! I think I would get distracted from doing the laundry though. So much wonderful storage space and counter tops to work on, would be a dream! Thanks for the tour!

  9. What a lovely place you have to be creative..I'm envious...I. too have a cat and a dog that keep me company..THE cats food is on the dining room table so the dog doesn't get it..I don't know when you find time to "play".

  10. Wow.. I love your beautiful creative space!.. And I LOVE those beautiful glass drawer pulls! I've never seen anything like them!.. And all that storage space is just heavenly, I'm sure!... Thanks for the tour, and nice to meet you! Have a great week ahead! ~tina

  11. It's fabulous! I loved peeking inside the cabinets, too! I hope to see it in person, some day!

  12. I always love your room Tamatha. I enjoyed seeing it again. And thank you for your comments on my studio. I love the photos of the rooms that are all sepia tones. I think they are beautiful and I, sometimes, think that is what I want. But I so love color and find that I simply can't get away from it. I think you are right that I need to go with the colors of the rocking chair and the vanity and let them inspire me.

  13. Hi Tamatha, I am a first time participant and have really enjoyed viewing your stunning craftroom today. Love the white cupboards and all the space. Lots of nice goodies you have in your collection too. hugs Sharon

  14. You have a great space. I love that it is in the laundry can be creative while waiting for your clothes to dry! And as a laundry room it's beautiful in itself. Thanks for sharing! Sue

  15. Wow! Your space is awesome! I must admit I felt much better when I saw the "real" pictures :) All kidding aside - I love the space - the sink is fantastic and I your stash storage solution is great. Thank you for sharing and I really love your space! Take care.

  16. What a beautiful space you have! So organized and pretty. Oh my those dryers - you would go crazy with mine - it is a small apartment sized dryer that only dries a handful at a time! I enjoyed peeking into your creative space. cheers from Singapore

  17. Great space, Tamatha! How lucky you can, literally, close the doors on the whole thing and not even see your supplies! I love that you can do that and no one would ever know what you have inside those cabinets. Love all the countertop space you have to work on things, too. I'll bet that really does come in handy when participating in swaps.

  18. Hi Tamatha, what a wonderful spacious room and so much storage space!
    Thanks for sharing your creative space!
    Have a great weekend!
    Your newest follower,

  19. Hi Tamatha i love your blog What a beautiful space you have! So organized and pretty.

    Thank for sharing your creative space

  20. What a delightful room! I love that you've shown your space "as is" ~ the way most of our happy places look when we are "in the zone"!

  21. What a light and airy room to create in--I love all of your crafting space and storage space. With 5 precious children I wonder that you have time to create let alone cleaning up. I like seeing studios that look like someone has fun in them. Thanks so much for taking time to share your space. Mary

  22. Its great when you can have few functions (uses) for one space, and your case it works really well. That's one of the things I would love to have for my work space, is to have a opening to the house/ the kitchen (now have to go through the garage or outside to get in there to work). You have a great place and I love the two little things you favour (the glass plate and the little mold) sweet things to store little things

  23. Awwww... Perry and Ranger are adorable! I always have someone in my room with me too. What a great setup you have; so organized! And all those cabinets are amazing! Thank you for the tour.

  24. I love the color of your walls in your creative space, whice I think is absolutely divine.

  25. what a beautiful space. I love it. It is so inviting and organized. I love that you showed the pics of how it really looks. Mine looks a lot like that most of the time when I am in the middle of stuff. I do like to clean up after each project though. I am late to the party due to family and health issues but am finding such inspiration in every studio I visit. thank you so much for sharing.