Monday, November 11, 2013

Christmas is coming!!!

You know, I really wasn't ready for fall.  I didn't want to see the leaves falling or the temperature drop.  However, this year we have had a glorious fall with lovely weather and amazing colors. 
It's just getting me in the mood for Christmas!
This year I'm doing a couple things to help me prepare.
One is this fun doodling journal class from Dawn DeVries Sokol

I took a class from her at Handmade U.
I loved how she made art journaling so accessible.

The other thing I'm doing to prepare for the holidays is an online organizing course through Simplify 101called Get Organized for the Holidays.  Aby Gardner has great classes you can download and lots of free printable tips available as well for organizing.

Get Organized for the Holidays Online Class

This little organizing course is helping me plan out all those activities and tasks that go along with the holidays.  Maybe, just maybe, Mom will be a bit calmer this Christmas!

What will you be doing to prepare for the holidays?