Saturday, February 8, 2014

Yogurt Cup Challenge

Recently there was a fun challenge issued that I just couldn't pass up.
Laurie at Indulge Your Shelf came up with the idea of finding a way to use two-sided yogurt containers.  You know the ones.  The yogurt is on one side and the fruit is on the other.

I accepted her challenge and even met the deadline!  Now the original challenge is to do something Valentine's Day themed.  I kind of forgot about this and went rogue I guess!

What I ended up creating is sort of a mini sewing basket with a shabby chic look.

I used some spray paint specially formulated for plastic hoping to cover the label.  It would have taken several coats and a very long time to dry in my frozen garage!  I ended up spraying one coat to hopefully give it some "tooth" for glues and other paints.

I then decoupaged it with scrapbook paper torn into pieces.  This allowed me to get the paper to lay flat on the curved surface.  Some lace was glued around the edge and a few buttons glued on for a bit of color.  The smaller side is used for the pin cushion and was very easy to do.  I just filled the container with fiber-fill and then glued in the fabric.

I like having the larger side to hold threads, scissors and other supplies I might need for my handwork projects.  Other ideas I had for the container were a mini flower pot possibly for planting succulents or cactus, a holder for paper clips and push-pins or a crayon holder for kids.  It would also make a great May basket.

Thanks, Laurie for giving us this challenge!  You can read her post here.

So what should we upcycle next?!


  1. You are awesome Tamatha! I adore your pin cushion - it is the perfect little holder to have at your side when doing projects in front of the TV! Which is where I do a ton of my projects! And I love the color theme you chose. P.S. You didn't go rogue -- I suggested Valentine theme but it wasn't a requirement! Thank you SO MUCH for playing along; that was FUN!

  2. Very creative, Tamatha! I've never purchased this brand of yogurt, but I might have to just so I can make one of these cute little caddys.

  3. My goodness this is gorgeous! In fact, my mother just asked for me to make her one like yours for her little sewing projects instead of me having to lug out the sewing basket. We are going to keep it in the hall. I love it!

  4. This is really very creative. We usually throw such things in garbage but you have done really good job here. It shows that nothing is useless and you did superb job