Friday, July 11, 2014

Where Bloggers Create 2014

Welcome to my craft room!

View as you come in the room
Thank you for stopping by my link for Where Bloggers Create and a BIG thank you to Karen Valentine for hosting once again!

Fabric Storage Cabinet

 If you've been here before, not a lot has changed, except that I have more fabric, more supplies, and more clutter!

The laundry side of the room
My craft room is also the laundry room.  We did a remodel about five years ago adding on to our laundry room.  We have five children so yes, I have three laundry machines.  The folding counter above the machines is also very handy for spreading out projects--when the laundry is done... 
My favorite part about this room is how huge it makes my laundry room!

The door to the room with ironing board behind the door
My least favorite is that it is a shared space so I am limited to where I can put all my creative stuff--and there is a lot of it!

My sewing machine in front of a  nice big window overlooking trees--love!
These photos show the room in absolute pristine condition about three years ago.
It hasn't been like this since!!

I didn't get this stuff hidden before hubby saw it--he just shakes his head at this point. ;)
 Here is a recent photo of what a mess I made when I attended two workshops this spring.  I went to Handmade U in May and then Birdsong in June.
Naturally I had to participate in all the swaps offered at each workshop.  This meant lots of last minute mad crafting, emptying cupboards, things strewn everywhere...
I loved every minute of it!!

Storage for ribbons, vintage ribbons, vintage millinery, art papers, and journals

 Now both of these workshops included vendor nights with so much awesome stuff--I did a lot of hoarding shopping!

This was a seriously messy cupboard before I put everything in containers!
A couple weeks ago I finally organized all the vintage ephemera I've been hoarding collecting.  I used 12x12 plastic containers that I got at the hobby store and labeled them by type.  I now have music sheets separated from book pages.  The new papers are separated from the old and there is even a container for cool recycled papers such as pretty napkins and envelopes. (I'm that weird lady at parties who steals the pretty napkins)

Yeah, I love do-dads.
These divided containers are great for holding little bits and pieces of ephemera.  I have five of these containers filled with beads and little treasures.

Periwinkle (Perry) my daughter's cat
I also share the room with this little lady who happens to love fresh, clean laundry laying out to dry on the counter.  She didn't seem to mind that it was wet!

That was a short tour, but you can certainly check out my previous posts for Where Women Create here, here and here. :)
Next year I'm hoping to show some big changes in my studio space.
We are building a house!
As much as I love my laundry/craft room now, it will be so much fun to have a room just for creating.  My new studio will be the attic room above the garage.  We haven't started just yet so hopefully there will be photos to share next summer.

A little view from last fall of the acreage property we will build on--there is a small pond and so many trees!
Thank you for stopping by!  It's so much fun meeting new people through Karen's event!