Saturday, July 18, 2015

Feeling Guilty...

My most recent post, and the only one I've published in months, was for Where Bloggers Create.
And I'm feeling a little guilty.
I reused photos from when my studio was clean.
I mean right now it's an absolute mess!
Then I toured some of the other studios in the linky party and I really enjoyed seeing the rooms that had messes on the worktables.  It's fun to see work in progress.
So here is what my craft room looks like right now...

You really can't see what's on the worktables, except laundry!  Way back on the counter you can see some things piled there.  I have an art journal project that I've been trying to work on.  The cat box is in the knee space.  There is laundry hanging to dry over the sink and more on the floor that needs to be done.  So there you have it.  My REAL room! :)


  1. Hey! Thanks for showing the for real space! I love seeing spaces in use! (BTW, am following you now via Feedly so I am glad you posted to where bloggers create.

  2. Life happens, right? But sometimes I'm the most creative when my space is the messiest. Must be all that "inspiration" piled on every surface!

  3. Well Tammy, we all have a messy room in our homes. Your room is the real thing. Sometimes we see so much perfection on blogland that we begin to feel guilty about having a bit of a mess but rest assured, I have one too. Saving reorganizing it when the cooler weather comes in the fall.

    Thank you for visiting my blog. So happy to meet you here in blogland.


  4. Thanks for showing us your REAL room....we all have rooms like that. My grandkids create in mine so it's got stuff piled on top of stuff. I'd rather have them make memories that clean up.

  5. You have such a nice craftsroom filled with the things you love and enjoy. I also want to have one in my house where I keep my art things.

  6. I like your honesty like you do not exaggerate things even people liked your clean studio but you still shared the other option too. But dear its not the thing to feel guilty as we all face the same issues when you have a busy life or having pets kr kids.